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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Don Anushka Tamil Movie Online (2010)

Watch Don Tamil Movie Online (2010)

Don Anushka Tamil Movie Online (2010)

Don Tamil Movie Cast and Crew:

Banner Sree Keerthi Creations
Cast::Nagarjuna, Anushka, Raghava Lawrence, Nikita and Many
Producer M.L. Kumar Choudary
Director:: Raghava Lawrence
Tamil Release: 2010

Don Tamil Movie Story

Surya [Nagarjuna] is an orphan who doesn’t even know who is parents are and at least how they look like. He rescues some street children from the clutches of a drug peddler. One of them happens to be Raghva Lawrence. They all become his followers and as Surya grows he grows up to become a Don.
Raghva assist the don in his work and in turn Surya treats Raghva as his younger brother.
There is a difference in the portrayal of this film Don. Unlike other don’s who are features bad guys in the films, this Don is a soft natured, honest and caring for everyone guy. He assists the people in distress and ensures that everybody is happy under his ruling.
Then the entry of the villain takes place ., his name is Stephen (Kelly doorjee) who is an international famed DON and after expanding his so called mafia kingdom in every state he eyes on Andhra Pradesh.
He approaches Surya and lures him to join him as a partner. But Surya understands the evil intentions of the Stephen and refuses him. This makes Stephen miffed up on the DON and his anger sets him to eliminate Surya and sets up a trap to kill him and expand his mafia empire in the AP.
The rest of the story revolves how Surya shields himself from Stephen and how he eliminates Stephen and saves the Andhra Pradesh and his followers. The climax is very interesting and must be watched on the silver screen

Watch Don Tamil Dubbed Telugu Movie Online (2010)


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